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With the PDF format, your small business can create documents viewable in virtually any operating system or computing platform. Images in Word documen

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With the PDF format, your small business can create documents viewable in virtually any operating system or computing platform. Images in Word documents print as they appear on screen. Using Adobe Acrobat or other PDF authoring programs, you can create portable documents from any application that supports printing, thus making it an ideal medium for sending letters, contracts, images or just about any other document electronically. In many cases, when you want to send someone a PDF document, you can attach the file to how to attach a pdf to google powerpoint email just as you would any other type of file.

However, if you want the recipient to be able to view the PDF document in the body of the email message as soon as it is opened, many email clients require that the PDF file be embedded as an image. As long as the receiver’s webmail or desktop email client supports images — and most do — the reader will see the PDF file when the message is opened. Open your Web browser and then navigate to a site that allows you to convert PDF documents into image files. Neevia all allow you to upload and convert PDF files to JPEG format. Follow the directions on the conversion site to upload the PDF file you want to convert into a JPEG image.

Wait for the site to convert the PDF file into a JPEG image. If your PDF document has multiple pages, the site converts each page into a single JPEG image. PDF document and then save the JPEG image of the page to your computer. If you want to display multiple pages of the PDF in an email message, download the other pages you want to insert into the message. Launch Microsoft Outlook on your computer.

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