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The disposition of methanol and its putative toxic metabolite formate has been studied in humans, non-human primates, and rodents after exposure to hi

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The disposition of methanol and its putative toxic metabolite formate has been studied in humans, non-human primates, and rodents after exposure to high, neurotoxic doses. The rate at which rodents detoxify formate is more rapid than that of primates. Species how to answer questions in pdf formate high hepatic THF levels, such as rodents, are less sensitive to the neurotoxic effects of large methanol doses compared with species with low THF levels, such as primates. Data on the capacity of primates to detoxify formate derived from inhalation of low levels of methanol are critical for assessing human risk from methanol fuels.

2 h have blood levels of methanol-derived formate that are 100-to 1000-fold lower than endogenous levels of formate. Deficiencies in THF may prolong blood levels of formate and increase the likelihood of toxic effects. Limited studies in non-human primates with low THF levels exposed to 900 ppm methanol for 2 h have shown that concentrations of methanol-derived formate in blood remain below endogenous levels. Thus human populations may not be at added risk of neurotoxic effects resulting from exposure to low levels of methanol. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. 1995 Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd.

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