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Has Management Accounting Research been critical? Analysis of theories and topics of articles in the first 25 years of Management Accounting Research.

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Has Management Accounting Research been critical? Analysis of theories and topics of articles in the first 25 years of Management Accounting Research. Management Accounting Research’s contribution horngren’s financial and managerial accounting 5th edition pdf critical and social accounting research.

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Its neglect of politics, sustainability and the needs of civil society, employees and developing countries. 25 years since its launch. It commences with a personalised account of the first named author’s experiences of behavioural, social and critical accounting in the 25 years before MAR appeared. European networks, and reflections on a years’ visit to the USA. Theoretical approaches have been diverse, often multi-disciplinary, and have employed surprisingly few economic theories relative to behavioural and social theories. The research spans mainly large public and private sector organisations especially in Europe.

The paper concludes by assessing the contributions of MAR against the aspirations of groups identified in the opening personal historiography, which have been largely met. Third Sector organisations, politics, civil society involvement, development and developing countries, labour, the public interest, political economy, and until recently social and environmental accounting have been neglected. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. 2015 Published by Elsevier Ltd. Using a case study research strategy we find that the implementation of a transfer pricing tax compliance strategy gives rise to a number of changes to the overhead cost allocation system design. Findings suggests that a contingent relationship exists between overhead cost allocation and transfer pricing tax compliance. We argue that when seeking to understand and explain MNEs’ overhead cost allocation system design for intra-company services, the MNEs’ response to its tax regulatory environment is a significant explanatory variable.