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Liberalisation of mining and investment laws was a history oil exploration kalimantan borneo pdf to modern coal exploration. Initial exploration focus

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Liberalisation of mining and investment laws was a history oil exploration kalimantan borneo pdf to modern coal exploration. Initial exploration focused on high quality steam coal targets in Kalimantan.

Major discoveries were developed quickly into world class mines. Indonesia rapidly became the world’s largest steam coal exporter. More recent coking coal discoveries were made in under-explored basins. 160 years ago, when the colonial era Bureau of Mines began the first coal exploration. However, the origin of the modern coal industry from the 1980s followed the introduction of two new investment and mining laws in 1967, which provided the framework for experienced foreign mining companies to enter.

The coal industry has subsequently developed mainly in Sumatra and Kalimantan, where the large Cenozoic sedimentary basins include coal deposits with thick seams amenable to low cost mining. 1981, covering some of the most prospective coal exploration target areas in Indonesia. Systematic coal exploration within these areas was highly successful, with the discovery of several world-class coal deposits. Therefore, the typical focus of initial exploration included those areas that were geologically prospective for this type of coal and which also had potential for low transport costs. These conditions were met in some areas within Kalimantan near the east and southeast coasts or near rivers navigable by barges. This early focus later widened to include lower rank sub bituminous coal and lignite, suitable for Indonesia’s domestic markets and as a blend coal in India, China, and countries of SE Asia. 35 to 40 years after the first reported coking coal exploration in Kalimantan in the 1960s.

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