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Two major war memorials commemorating the dead soldiers in. During this period, the war escalated from an insurgency in South Vietnam assisted he 111

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Two major war memorials commemorating the dead soldiers in. During this period, the war escalated from an insurgency in South Vietnam assisted he 111 in action pdf free the North Vietnamese government to direct military intervention in the south by North Vietnam to assist the insurgents and the intervention of military forces of the United States and other countries to assist South Vietnam.

The war also spilled over into the neighboring countries of Cambodia and Laos. An exhaustive reckoning of the total casualties must include statistical information available for each theater of the war. Civilian deaths caused by both sides amounted to a significant percentage of total deaths, perhaps from 30 to nearly 50 percent. The nature of the war often made it difficult to distinguish between combatants and non-combatants. A number of incidents occurred during the war in which civilians were deliberately targeted or killed. Estimates of the total number of deaths in the Vietnam War vary widely. The wide disparity among the estimates cited below is partially explained by the different time periods of the Vietnam War covered by the studies and whether or not casualties in Cambodia and Laos were included in the estimates.

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1974 in which the U. Lewy reduced the number of Viet Cong and North Vietnamese battle deaths claimed by the U. His estimate of total deaths is reflected in the table. 143,000 adult females, and 84,000 children. Those totals include only Vietnamese deaths, and do not include American and other allied military deaths which amounted to about 64,000. The study has been criticized for its small sample size, the imbalance in the sample between rural and urban areas, and the possible overlooking of clusters of high mortality rates.

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