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Spin the Nail Polish Guess my age party game pdf Girls Party Game - onecreativemommy. Try Spin the Nail Polish Bottle at your next party for little gi

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Spin the Nail Polish Guess my age party game pdf Girls Party Game – onecreativemommy. Try Spin the Nail Polish Bottle at your next party for little girls! Stop by to download the free Silhouette cutting file for the spinner.

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More than 55 Turkey Crafts for Kids! Give a pool noodle a warm makeover with this cozy Fall wreath idea. I let second graders play spin the bottle at my house. Aren’t I a great mom?

The best things about this game are that it’s easy, the kids love it, and everyone wins! The hardest part for me was creating the spinner, but you don’t have to, because I’m sharing mine! See the end of the post for details and the download link. I used the spinner from my kids’ Hi, Ho Cherry-O game. Hi, Ho Cherry-O spinner background, and popped the arrow spinner back in place.

My design for the Silhouette is sized for Hi, Ho Cherry-O, but if you don’t have that game, it will still work. Don’t break the bank on the nail polish! If you watch the sales at Drug Stores, you can get them for less than a dollar a bottle. I’m not positive, but I think they were about 70 cents each. Or, if you are lucky right after Christmas, you may find a large nail polish gift pack for half off.

The girls don’t really need cotton between their toes, but it sure makes them feel more grown up! I know from experience that nail polish is really hard to get out of carpet, clothing, tile grout, skin, and doll clothes. The drop cloth may seem silly, but I promise it is worth it! That’s actually the birthday girl in the picture below. I guess a six year break is enough time to trust her now with nail polish! Please don’t pin this image.

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Kids sit in a circle around the game board. The first player spins the spinner to choose a bottle of nail polish. Play continues as each player spins and paints one toe nail at a time. Game is over when all players have painted all ten toes. If you have a large group of kids, consider dividing the group in half.

When they were finished, they switched. Any more than six kids at once, and the kids might get bored waiting for their turn. Don’t forget to take a picture of the final look! I love all of the colors! Do you think I can get away with this look? When the party is over, use the nail polish bottles as party favors.