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He argued that the Congress in 2011 spent the first quarter debating debit-card fees while ignoring what he sees as more pressing issues, including he

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He argued that the Congress in 2011 spent the first quarter debating debit-card fees while ignoring what he sees as more pressing issues, including health care reform or global warming or the deficit. Get what congress gets pdf October, 2015 a second edition of the book was published.

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Lessig sees the system as “legal but corrupt”, and that the pivotal point of the corruption is campaign finance. In Lessig’s view, it is a systemic problem. He noted that congresspersons spend three of every five weekdays raising money for reelection. According to Lessig, congresspersons being dependent on large donors affects the ability of Congress to govern, whether or not donations actually change the way members of Congress vote on measures. Democrats believed that “money buys results in Congress”.

1 “invested” in lobbying and political campaigns. Did the contributions and lobbying buy this apparently inconsistent result? Do the contributions and lobbying make it harder to believe that this is a principled or consistent or sensible result? Congress had become a “Farm League for K Street” in the sense that congresspersons were focused on lucrative lobbying careers after Congress rather than on serving the public interest while serving. One almost trivial example relates to tax simplification: A large group of companies and individuals make money from helping their clients negotiate the complexity of the US income tax system—and would lose money if it were simpler.

The IRS recommends that taxpayers file electronically — e-filing saves the government time and money, and is more accurate than IRS employees who type in the data from paper returns. But the IRS refuses to set up its own Web portal to receive the filings. In most cases, the companies charge an extra fee for e-filing. In other countries, free and direct electronic filing is a given. Steve Ryan, a lawyer for the tax-preparation industry who negotiated a deal that has the IRS promising not to set up its own Web portal for e-filing, says his argument was simple.

When the government becomes my competitor,” Ryan says, “then I have every right to run an ad that says ‘Big Brother is watching your keystrokes. Thus, for every dollar collected in federal taxes, Americans spend between 6 and 30 cents additional for tax preparation and doing things that are otherwise contrary to their own and society’s interests to reduce their tax burden. The returns to legitimate business opportunities are much smaller, which is why the money flowing into lobbying and political campaigns continues to increase. Lessig concludes that, “corruption is the gateway problem: until we solve it, we won’t solve any number of other critical problems facing this nation. 50 would be chosen to exceed the sum of all money spent in the previous 2- or 4-year election cycle.