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Pertwee portrays the third such incarnation, a dapper man of action of stark contrast to his wily but less action-oriented predecessors. Within the st

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Pertwee portrays the third such incarnation, a dapper man of action of stark contrast to his wily but less action-oriented predecessors. Within the story, the Third Doctor came into existence as part of a punishment from his own race, the Time Lords, who forced him to regenerate and also disabled his TARDIS. Eventually, this restriction is from doct to pdf remove and the Third Doctor embarks on more traditional time travel and space exploration stories.

Doctor after he regains use of his TARDIS. A keen scientist, he maintained a laboratory at UNIT where he enjoyed working on gadgets in his TARDIS. In his spare time, he was fond of motoring, handing all manner of vehicles. Time Lords, where he would often act as a reluctant mediator. If this Doctor had a somewhat patrician and authoritarian air, he was just as quick to criticise authority, too, having little patience with self-inflated bureaucrats, parochially narrow ministers, knee-jerk militarists or red tape in general. In fact, even when his much-resented exile was lifted, the highly moral and dashing Third Doctor continued to help UNIT protect the Earth from all manner of alien threats, a role that continued into his future incarnations.

This often took the form of quick strikes, with the occasional joint lock or throw—usually enough to get himself and anyone accompanying him out of immediate danger, but usually not to the extent of a brawl, in keeping with the Doctor’s non-violent nature. He only used his fighting skills if he had no alternative, and even then generally disarmed his opponents rather than knocking them unconscious. Pertwee wore a red jacket and a cloak with purple lining. In the final two seasons, the colour scheme changed from story to story, though the basic look was maintained. In his first episode, when the Doctor evades capture by taking a shower, a tattoo of a serpent can be seen on his arm.

The Third Doctor stories were the first to be broadcast in colour. However, as his tenure progressed he had reasons to leave Earth, on occasions being sent on missions by the Time Lords. The Third Doctor’s era introduced many of the Doctor’s more memorable adversaries. Pertwee approached him about the line.

Dicks had feared that he would have to remove it, but Pertwee stated that he liked it, and wanted to see it more often. Reverse the linearity of the proton flow. Brigadier asks “Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow? Doctor proceeds to explain that the phrase is meaningless. On other occasions on screen, the Third Doctor “reversed the polarity” but not of neutrons. Reversing the polarity of the neutron flow,” followed by “I bet that means something. In the Third Doctor’s final season, a new title sequence was introduced using a full-body picture of Pertwee, designed by Bernard Lodge.

The Third Doctor’s final season also introduced the equally classic diamond logo which would remain in use until 1980. 89 series, books and audio. Tim Treloar portraying the Third Doctor. This page was last edited on 8 February 2018, at 07:01.

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