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Transport and distribution for international trade - GOV. Find out about international trade distribution by road, rail, air and sea: imports, freight

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Transport and distribution for international trade – GOV. Find out about international trade distribution by road, rail, air and sea: imports, freight broker training manual pdf, customs, regulations and freight management. Find out about international trade distribution by road, rail, air and sea: imports, exports, customs, regulations and freight management.

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Transport and distribution are key considerations when planning for international trade. Choosing the right mode of transport is essential to ensure your import or export operation is efficient and cost-effective. There are four ways of importing and exporting – road, rail, air and sea – although you may need to use more than one type of transport. When making your choices, you will also need to decide whether to handle logistics by yourself, or outsource the work to a freight forwarder. This guide examines each mode of transport and provides an overview of the issues you must address. It covers how to deal with customs, identifies which regulations must be complied with and explains how to manage a freight forwarder.

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This guide explains the basics of international trade and distribution. For more detailed information see the guide on moving your goods. Your choices for international transport and distribution include road, rail, air and sea. Various factors will influence your decision on which type of transport to use – including your business’ requirements, the destination country, and the type of goods you are importing or exporting. What do you want to distribute? Size and weight will affect the cost.