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Rogers has a genuinely helpful SWC page at rogers. OoP: the form forces you to enter in required info like phone number, name, etc, so that Rogers can

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Rogers has a genuinely helpful SWC page at rogers. OoP: the form forces you to enter in required info like phone number, name, etc, so that Rogers can actually look into your account and get back to you. The destination email addresses are all contained in the webpage if you want to look for yourself, but again the form format is useful for forcing required information so I’ve not flowcharts plain & simple pdf to list the actual addys here.

SWC page is helpful to know about. Knowing the escalation path will help you get resolution to your complaint since IME you often don’t get a complete remedy without some kind of escalation. Rogers be effected before contacting them. I’ll have the CCTS force your office to deal with my complaint. If you end up escalating to OoP they’ll ask you the name of the manager with whom you spoke.

For now: just explain your issue to an OoP rep and get them to try to fix the issue to your satisfaction. IMO: This stage of problem resolution should take from a few days to a week, generally. If OoP didn’t remedy the issue to your satisfaction then you’ve got to decide if you want to try the Rogers ombudsman step, or file a complaint with CCTS. Ombudsman is not by any means mandatory and myself, I’m inclined to give Rogers no more than 3 strikes at the issue before I’d go to CCTS so I’d skip the ombudsman step.

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AIUI the ombudsman is not an official Rogers employee so they don’t necessarily have full access to account or usage info that even OoP would have. Normally a cx would just escalate to CCTS at this point. File your complaint with the CCTS! These are the end-of-the-line opportunities for a cx to receive their desired remedy.

Canadian population is not encumbered by that Rogers arbitration-only clause! I am in the process of escalating a ticket with Rogers to Office of the President, or possibly higher, where I feel it has a better chance to succeed. Regarding a callback from a Customer Care Manager, they don’t always promise a 4 hour callback. They claim when they are busy, they will sometimes tell you that it could be 24 hours before getting that call. When the Customer Care Manager did call, to find that I had already escalated to Office of the President, so notified me that their reply could be up to a half week.

Hi, that’s an interesting experience. Rep is either wrong, or lying. 24 hours after receiving your complaint with all supporting information. If we are unable to meet this deadline, we will contact you to advise when you can expect a response.

To be honest I have been hearing stories of people plain old not getting contacts back at all. OoP may be getting overrun? Rogers’ attention and it’s OoP who deals with those anyway. Good luck, and good for you for standing up for yourself! Rogers is a real bugbear, sometimes. I finally received an email from OoP. As I read it, I became more and more convinced that it was a generic response letter, with a proclaimed understanding of my frustration, and a thank you for my time.