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This article is about a medical condition. The field guide to wilderness medicine expert consult pdf free download symptom is typically numbness. This

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This article is about a medical condition. The field guide to wilderness medicine expert consult pdf free download symptom is typically numbness. This may be followed by clumsiness with a white or bluish color to the skin. Swelling or blistering may occur following treatment.

The hands, feet, and face are most commonly affected. People who are exposed to low temperatures for prolonged periods, such as winter sports enthusiasts, military personnel, and homeless individuals, are at greatest risk. Diagnosis is based on symptoms. This should be done only when refreezing is not a concern. Rubbing or applying snow to the affected part is not recommended. Amputation, however, should generally be delayed for a few months to allow determination of the extent of injury. The number of cases of frostbite is unknown.

The most common age group affected is those 30 to 50 years old. Evidence of frostbite occurring in people dates back 5,000 years. Frostbite has also played an important role in a number of military conflicts. Areas that are usually affected include cheeks, ears, nose and fingers and toes. Frostbite is often preceded by frostnip.

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The symptoms of frostbite progress with prolonged exposure to cold. Historically, frostbite has been classified by degrees according to skin and sensation changes, similar to burn classifications. However, the degrees do not correspond to the amount of long term damage. First degree frostbite is superficial, surface skin damage that is usually not permanent. Early on, the primary symptom is loss of feeling in the skin.

In the affected areas, the skin is numb, and possibly swollen, with a reddened border. In the weeks after injury, the skin’s surface may slough off. In the weeks after injury, this hardened, blistered skin dries, blackens, and peels. At this stage, lasting cold sensitivity and numbness can develop.

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