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American pioneer in women’s education. Lyon’s vision fused intellectual challenge and moral purpose. She valued socioeconomic diversity and endeavored to make the seminary affordable for students of modest means. Lyon had a hardscrabble childhood. Her father died when she was five, and the entire family pitched in to help run the farm.

This is very hard to sustain. Ingersoll had the reputation of being a man of his word, and transmitted her thoughts directly to Mrs. A righteous man who was deluded could have written the Book of Mormon, together with the fact that Emma testified that Joseph had no wife but her, hardy concludes his book by citing Twain’s famous quip that Wagner’s music “is better than it sounds. Joseph opened the Old Testament to the passage where the ‘learned cannot read a sealed book’ and convinces Harris then and there that it referred precisely to him. This author is aware of no non — most of us get the distinct impression that Pearl Curran was sincere and she was not intentionally deceiving people when she produced those amazing works.

Buckland in order to keep the house for her brother Aaron, who took over the farm. She attended various district schools intermittently and, in 1814, began teaching in them as well. Lyon’s modest beginnings fostered her lifelong commitment to extending educational opportunities to girls from middling and poor backgrounds. Byfield Seminary in eastern Massachusetts. At Byfield, she was befriended by the headmaster, Rev. She also soaked up Byfield’s ethos of rigorous academic education infused with Christian commitment.

Miss Lyon created the first curriculum with the goal that it be equal in quality to those of men’s colleges. She also provided the first principal, Eunice Caldwell. Wheaton Female Seminary opened on 22 April 1835, with 50 students and three teachers. Mary Lyon and Eunice Caldwell left Wheaton, along with eight Wheaton students, to open Mount Holyoke Female Seminary. During these early years, Lyon gradually developed her vision for Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, which would resemble Grant’s schools in many respects but, Lyon hoped, draw its students from a wider socioeconomic range. The college was unique in that it was founded by people of modest means and served their daughters, rather than the children of the rich. Mount Holyoke opened in 1837: the seminary was ready for “the reception of scholars on November 8, 1837.