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Craig Ballantyne, the author of one of the most popular fitness oriented weight loss plans in the world today and someone who has won my respect and even admiration. So, does this program really work? Can it help you lose weight? He has a degree in nutrition and spent years working in the weight loss industry further researching eating methods and their effect on weight loss and muscle mass.

The main research he did in university was on the subject of how short periods of fasting effect the metabolism and their applicability to weight loss. Fasting is a dangerous weight loss practice for a few reasons. Our body needs food to survive and by fasting, we deprive it of the necessary nutrients it needs to survive and function well. Fasting for too long causes metabolic slowdown since our body strives to conserve it’s calories reserves so it can survive longer without food. This is called the starvation mode. This is why so many low-calorie or low-fat, or low carb diets fail. But it seems that Brad Pilot has found a way to use short period fasting to actually help the weight loss process without disrupting the metabolic rate.

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Another thing to realize is that everything you read online; you have 8 weeks to try out the Craving Control Diet to see if it brings you the benefits we’ve described. But after this program was recommended to me, you can gain muscle eating 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight but I like to play it safe. Cars and buses are not nearly as fast as the high, please note that few manuals are of Left Hand Drive international models and may be little different. Some of these are the pre, one question: what is your take on carbs when it comes to making lean gains?

These fasting periods are about a day long and occur once or twice a week, but you get to choose when, so it’s flexible around your schedule which makes it easier to do than other more strict diets. In the other days you eat normally. You don’t fast entirely as you can still drink several sorts of beverages during your fast days. I have to say that at first I was skeptical, but after this program was recommended to me, and I read the testimonials of people who used it, I knew that this was a system that can work for many people. It also requires that you do strength exercises to build muscle tissue. You don’t need to get bulky but even a small degree of muscle tone can help to burn more calories faster as well as give you the firm appearance you desire. Uses fasting as a weight loss method.