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This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. Download novel the hobbit pdf article is about the novel.

There and Back Again” redirects here. The book remains popular and is recognized as a classic in children’s literature. Bilbo’s journey takes him from light-hearted, rural surroundings into more sinister territory. The story is told in the form of an episodic quest, and most chapters introduce a specific creature or type of creature of Tolkien’s geography.

Bilbo gains a new level of maturity, competence, and wisdom by accepting the disreputable, romantic, fey, and adventurous sides of his nature and applying his wits and common sense. Personal growth and forms of heroism are central themes of the story, along with motifs of warfare. The publisher was encouraged by the book’s critical and financial success and, therefore, requested a sequel. These few but significant changes were integrated into the second edition. Further editions followed with minor emendations, including those reflecting Tolkien’s changing concept of the world into which Bilbo stumbled. The work has never been out of print.

Its ongoing legacy encompasses many adaptations for stage, screen, radio, board games, and video games. Several of these adaptations have received critical recognition on their own merits. During his adventure, Bilbo often refers to the contents of his larder at home and wishes he had more food. During the journey the wizard disappears on side errands dimly hinted at, only to appear again at key moments in the story. Gandalf and Bilbo to get him out of trouble, but he proves himself a mighty warrior. Thorin’s grandfather and sleeps upon the vast treasure. Gandalf tricks Bilbo into hosting a party for Thorin and his band of dwarves, who sing of reclaiming the Lonely Mountain and its vast treasure from the dragon Smaug.

Mountain and proposes that the dumbfounded Bilbo serve as the expedition’s “burglar”. The dwarves ridicule the idea, but Bilbo, indignant, joins despite himself. Elrond reveals more secrets from the map. Although Gandalf rescues them, Bilbo gets separated from the others as they flee the goblins.

Gollum, who engages him in a game of riddles. As a reward for solving all riddles Gollum will show him the path out of the tunnels, but if Bilbo fails, his life will be forfeit. Bilbo escapes and rejoins the dwarves, improving his reputation with them. Nearing the Lonely Mountain, the travellers are welcomed by the human inhabitants of Lake-town, who hope the dwarves will fulfil prophecies of Smaug’s demise. Bilbo scouts the dragon’s lair, stealing a great cup and learning of a weakness in Smaug’s armour. The enraged dragon, deducing that Lake-town has aided the intruder, sets out to destroy the town.