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On 25 April 2015, a Mw 7. 8 earthquake struck central Nepal, killing more than 8700 people. An earthquake of doing good better macaskill pdf online ma

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On 25 April 2015, a Mw 7. 8 earthquake struck central Nepal, killing more than 8700 people. An earthquake of doing good better macaskill pdf online magnitude has long been anticipated in Nepal and the neighbouring northern Indian state of Bihar, which straddle the active Himalayan frontal fault system.

Drawing on field research undertaken before the earthquake, this paper traces the progress made in earthquake risk reduction efforts at the national scale in Nepal and at the sub-national scale in Bihar. Bihar, by comparison, has a strong, hierarchical, sub-national government system with minimal influence of non-government stakeholders in earthquake risk reduction. While Nepal appears to have progressed further in strengthening earthquake resilience, the institutional structures in Bihar are stronger and could potentially support more sustainable resilience building in the long-term. Want to improve your life with advice from the best? Read this summary of Tools of Titans, by Tim Ferriss, with lessons organized by theme for efficiency.

Edward Norton and Whitney Cummings, and more. These are the principles that successful people use to achieve audacious goals, improve themselves, and be happier. If you can apply the lessons from this book, you can be more effective. 140 short chapters over 707 pages.

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For Tim, this makes sense, as he wants to pay homage to the titans and make it easy to find personalities you care about. But when organized this way, it’s hard to see the bigger picture. What do many successful people do that I don’t currently do? I wanted to see the beliefs of titans organized by theme, like how to define your life goals, how to think of good ideas, how to be happier everyday. I’ve extracted my favorite lessons from the book and reorganized them by theme. This way, you can see how 10 titans focus their lives to cut out the noise, and how 9 titans find time to be grateful every single day.

The book is very, very broad. There are a lot of ideas. No one does them all. One major theme in the book is an emphasis on action, not information.

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