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This article has multiple issues. Disruptive innovation clayton christensen pdf material may be challenged and removed. An innovation that does not si

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This article has multiple issues. Disruptive innovation clayton christensen pdf material may be challenged and removed. An innovation that does not significantly affect existing markets.

Not all innovations are disruptive, even if they are revolutionary. A disruptive process can take longer to develop than by the conventional approach and the risk associated to it is higher than the other more incremental or evolutionary forms of innovations, but once it is deployed in the market, it achieves a much faster penetration and higher degree of impact on the established markets. The article is aimed at management executives who make the funding or purchasing decisions in companies, rather than the research community. In his sequel with Michael E. However, Christensen’s evolution from a technological focus to a business-modelling focus is central to understanding the evolution of business at the market or industry level. In the late 1990s, the automotive sector began to embrace a perspective of “constructive disruptive technology” by working with the consultant David E.

O’Ryan, whereby the use of current off-the-shelf technology was integrated with newer innovation to create what he called “an unfair advantage”. The process or technology change as a whole had to be “constructive” in improving the current method of manufacturing, yet disruptively impact the whole of the business case model, resulting in a significant reduction of waste, energy, materials, labor, or legacy costs to the user. Rather, they are often novel combinations of existing off-the-shelf components, applied cleverly to a small, fledgling value network. This is the simplistic idea that an established firm fails because it doesn’t “keep up technologically” with other firms. Meanwhile, start-up firms inhabit different value networks, at least until the day that their disruptive innovation is able to invade the older value network. Christensen defines a disruptive innovation as a product or service designed for a new set of customers. Generally, disruptive innovations were technologically straightforward, consisting of off-the-shelf components put together in a product architecture that was often simpler than prior approaches.

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They offered less of what customers in established markets wanted and so could rarely be initially employed there. They offered a different package of attributes valued only in emerging markets remote from, and unimportant to, the mainstream. Christensen argues that disruptive innovations can hurt successful, well-managed companies that are responsive to their customers and have excellent research and development. While Christensen argued that disruptive innovations can hurt successful, well-managed companies, O’Ryan countered that “constructive” integration of existing, new, and forward-thinking innovation could improve the economic benefits of these same well-managed companies, once decision-making management understood the systemic benefits as a whole.

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