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Many existentialists have also regarded traditional systematic or academic philosophies, in both style and content, as too abstract and remote from co

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Many existentialists have also regarded traditional systematic or academic philosophies, in both style and content, as too abstract and remote from concrete human experience. The term is often seen as a historical convenience as dilemma a priest’s struggle with faith and love pdf was first applied to many philosophers in hindsight, long after they had died. This assertion comes from two sources. The Norwegian philosopher Erik Lundestad refers to the Danish philosopher Fredrik Christian Sibbern.

Sibbern is supposed to have had two conversations in 1841, the first with Welhaven and the second with Kierkegaard. It is in the first conversation that it is believed that Welhaven came up with “a word that he said covered a certain thinking, which had a close and positive attitude to life, a relationship he described as existential”. This was then brought to Kierkegaard by Sibbern. Kierkegaard himself said the term “existential” was borrowed from the poet.

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Welhaven from one time when I spoke with him about philosophy”. The actual life of the individuals is what constitutes what could be called their “true essence” instead of there being an arbitrarily attributed essence others use to define them. His form must be just as manifold as are the opposites that he holds together. To the same degree as the subjective thinker is concrete, to the same degree his form must also be concretely dialectical. But just as he himself is not a poet, not an ethicist, not a dialectician, so also his form is none of these directly. His form must first and last be related to existence, and in this regard he must have at his disposal the poetic, the ethical, the dialectical, the religious.

The setting is not the fairyland of the imagination, where poetry produces consummation, nor is the setting laid in England, and historical accuracy is not a concern. Historical accuracy and historical actuality are breadth. Some interpret the imperative to define oneself as meaning that anyone can wish to be anything. For example, someone who acts cruelly towards other people is, by that act, defined as a cruel person. The more positive, therapeutic aspect of this is also implied: A person can choose to act in a different way, and to be a good person instead of a cruel person.

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