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Short Message Service is usually used to transport unclassified information, but with the database management system elmasri navathe 5th edition pdf o

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Short Message Service is usually used to transport unclassified information, but with the database management system elmasri navathe 5th edition pdf of mobile commerce it has become an integral tool for conducting business. However, SMS does not guarantee confidentiality and integrity of the message content.

This paper proposes a protocol called SMSSec that can be used to secure an SMS communication sent by Java’s Wireless Messaging API. The physical limitations of the intended devices such as mobile phones, made it necessary to develop a protocol which would make minimal use of computing resources. What distinguishes this work from conventional protocols is the ability to perform the secure transmission with limited size messages. Performance analysis showed that the encryption speed on the mobile device is faster than the duration of the transmission. To achieve security in the mobile enterprise environment, this is deemed a very acceptable overhead.

Furthermore, a simple mechanism handles fault tolerance without additional overhead is proposed. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. April 2007 from the University of Pretoria. His research interests are security in mobile computing, software components and distributed systems. Professor of Computer Science at the University of Pretoria. She serves on several international programme committees and is South Africa’s representative on IFIP TC2.

She is a Founding Fellow of the SA Institute of Computer Scientists, a Fellow of the Royal Society of South Africa, a Fellow of the British Computer Society and South Africa’s 2005 Distinguished Woman in Science for Innovation. Rand Afrikaans University, South Africa. He gained practical experience by working as management consultant specialising in the field of information security. Since October 2002 he is Head of Department and full professor in Computer Science at the Department of Computer Science, University of Pretoria. Prior to that he has was a full professor in Computer Science at the Rand Afrikaans University.

South Africa and a member of the Council for Natural Scientists of South Africa. At the core of the analysis task in the development process is information systems requirements modelling. Modelling of requirements has been occurring for many years and the techniques used have progressed from flowcharting through data flow diagrams and entity-relationship diagrams to object-oriented schemas today. Unfortunately, researchers have been able to give little theoretical guidance only to practitioners on which techniques to use and when. Two particular criticisms of the models have persisted however—the understandability of the constructs in the BWW models and the difficulty in applying the models to a modelling technique.

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