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Com law marrage document pdf Whores – The Best Cam Whores on the Net! Welcome to the fastest-growing free webcam recordings community! I just found out that I have Hep C from working in the healthcare industry. I do not understand all of these tests and results.

I have genotype 3a, but I only have one kidney that is in renal insufficiency. I also have depression and epilepsy. The doctor at Baylor in Houston says that I am not a candidate for treatment due to everything having some form of Interfuron. Is there anything I can do? I evidentally have had this for over 15 years, yet I just found out the night before Thanksgiving. I have no support group nor support system.

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This ensures that the people we recognize as being the most helpful are helping as many people as possible through quality answers. Hi Keilah, I’m not one of the ‘experts’ here, but I will add the bit I know, bump the thread and hopefully some of the more top posters will chime in later. Do you mean that you are at Baylor College of Medicine? Are you seeing a Gastroenterologist or a Hepatologist? Make sure you are seeing a Hepatologist, which is a liver specialist. Although Gastroenterologists are qualified to treat Hep C, I think most people hereon the board agree that a Hepatologist is better qualified to treat this disease. Have you had a liver biopsy yet?

Your doctor will to that to find out if liver has been scarred by the Hep C. The Interferon treatments are hard on the health, but perhaps you will qualify for some of the studies of the newer drugs that don’t have the harsh side effects, and apparently, are quite  effective. The newer drugs aren’t on the market yet, but hopefully soon they will be. Hope that helps a little. Sorry for the typos and grammar issues. I’m on my phone and it’s hard to type. I definitely agree a Hepatologist is best suited to treat HCV when the patient has comorbidities.

There are lots of people with co-existing conditions who ultimately find a way to treat and if it were me I would start with a Hepatologist. I would think any possible treatment would involve input from a variety of specialists. I am not sure what to suggest in the short run other than finding a way to assess the level of fibrosis you have so you have the full picture of what you are looking at. What is your comment to Idyllic’s answer? If you post your test results we can explain the tests to you. There are people on the forum who have Genotype 3 and perhpas they or some others who know more about Genotype 3 will respond.

I only have one kidney that is in renal insufficiency. Hepatologist, a Nephologist, a Neurologist, and a Psychiatrist, preferably all at Baylor so they can consult and formulate the best plan for you. People do treat even though they histories of depression. One just has to be on the correct drugs and the depression must be under control when treatment starts.

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People with epilepsy do treat, but their seizures must be under control before they start treatment. Kidney disease, that may be a problem. Hepatologist to determine if you can treat and what type of treatment you can tolerate. Also, the Hepatologist should be abreast of the new treatments in the pipeline and of studies that you may be able to enter. Realistically, since you have the medical problems you listed, I am not sure how many studies would accept you.

However, having a team approach with these 4 types of specialists should give you the best chance at obtaining a successful outcome. Don’t worry too much about the viral load. It is not indicative of liver damage. As far as the AST and ALT, hopefully they are monitoring them. Also, hopefully you have had a liver biopsy or will have one soon so that you and the doctors know how much liver damage you have. This forum is a great place to obtain accurate information, help, and support. What is your comment to pooh55811’s answer?