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This review focuses on gold-catalyzed cascade reactions applied in total synthesis. With the reaction mechanism, outstanding works during last five ye

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This review focuses on gold-catalyzed cascade reactions applied in total synthesis. With the reaction mechanism, outstanding works during last five years are described. Recently, versatile gold-catalyzed cascade reactions have classics in total synthesis i pdf developed, and relating reports on practical applications in total synthesis has increased.

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This digest focuses and summarizes the gold-catalyzed reaction cascades in natural product synthesis during last five years with brief discussion on the reaction mechanism of the key gold-catalyzed cascade transformations. Endeavors in total synthesis provide unique opportunities to discover and invent new strategies and tools for constructing organic molecules and they shape the art, science, and technology of chemical synthesis. In this article, the author reflects back on his career highlighting a number of lucrative campaigns in this field and their impact on chemistry, biology and medicine. Following a short personal introduction, in this article K.

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