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Church going by philip larkin pdf's Day, the beginning of the summer half-year, in Europe. Whit was the occasion for varied forms of celebration. W

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Church going by philip larkin pdf’s Day, the beginning of the summer half-year, in Europe. Whit was the occasion for varied forms of celebration.

Whitsun, although in most cases they have been transferred to the Spring bank holiday. Whitsun tradition of singing a unique song around the village before and on Whit Sunday itself. A different tradition is that of the young women of the parish all coming to church or chapel in new white dresses on that day. Pentecost was so-called to signify the outpouring of the wisdom of the Holy Ghost on Christ’s disciples.

As the first holiday of the summer, Whitsun was one of the favourite times in the traditional calendar and Whit Sunday, or the following week, was a time for celebration. On Whit Tuesday, in the morning, a fine Holland smock and ribbons, to be run for by girls and young women. And in the afternoon six pairs of buckskin gloves to be wrestled for. Whit races were the great event of the year when large numbers of people turned the area into a giant fairground for several days.

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