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Further documentation is available here. The cash flow analysis and forecasting pdf uncertainty and imprecision in project scheduling have motivated t

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Further documentation is available here. The cash flow analysis and forecasting pdf uncertainty and imprecision in project scheduling have motivated the proposal of several fuzzy set theory based extensions of activity network scheduling techniques.

S-curves at different risk possibility levels. The methodology is exemplified by estimating the working capital requirements in a real world road construction project. Furthermore, the benefits of the methodology and its subsequent computerization are discussed. It is believed that the proposed approach may also be useful for both evaluating project proposals during feasibility studies and for performing earned value analysis for project monitoring and control.

Cash flow is presented by an S-surface created by connecting different S-curves. Insight on uncertainty is attained with graphs, cross sections and gradient plots. Methodology is exemplified for estimation of project working capital requirements. Future work includes evaluating project proposals and project monitoring.

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Because of this failure, macroeconomics and its practitioners have received a great deal of pointed criticism both during and after the crisis. Some of this criticism has come from policymakers and the media, but much has come from other economists. Of course, macroeconomists have responded with considerable vigor, but the overall debate inevitably leads the general public to wonder: What is the value and applicability of macroeconomics as currently practiced? The origin of macroeconometric modelling dates back to after World War II when Marschak organised a special team at the Cowles Commission by inviting luminaries such as Tjalling Koopmans, Kenneth Arrow, Trygve Haavelmo, T. Klein joined this team and conducted his first attempt in the mid 1940s to build a MEM for the US economy. Developed at University of Michigan in 1950s. Wharton models were constantly operated until 2001.