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Brother iprint and scan cannot open pdf DCP-T300 BASIC USER'S MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Brother DCP-T300 basic user's manual online. DCP-

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Brother iprint and scan cannot open pdf DCP-T300 BASIC USER’S MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Brother DCP-T300 basic user’s manual online. DCP-T300 All in One Printer pdf manual download. The serial number is on the back of the unit.

Retain this User’s Guide with your sales receipt as a permanent record of your purchase, in the event of theft, fire or warranty service. Scan Solutions Center your Brother machine to your mobile device when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Network features are not supported by the DCP-T300. 5 Control panel overview 6 Warning LED indications . 8 Auto Power Off . 9 Loading paper Loading paper and other print media. How to scan to a computer Before scanning.

Specifications General 78 Print media. 80 Copy 81 Scanner . 82 Printer 83 Interfaces . 85 Computer requirements 86 Supply Specifications. The Advanced User’s Guide explains the following features and operations. You can view the Advanced User’s Guide on the CD-ROM.

Using the WARNING documentation WARNING indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, Thank you for buying a Brother machine! Reading the documentation will help you make the most of your machine. Chapter 1 About Brother Utilities Select your machine. Windows Brother Utilities is an application launcher that offers convenient access to all Brother applications installed on your device. Insert the Brother follows: CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.

Scan If the Brother screen does not appear, go to Computer or My Computer. Scan Guide for Brother Guide. Click Brother Support on the Top Menu. Double-click the Brother Support icon. Chapter 1 Control panel overview The DCP-T300, DCP-T500W and DCP-T700W have the same control panel keys. Normal NOTE Most of the illustrations in this User’s Guide show the DCP-T700W.

Exit Stops an operation or exits from a menu. Mono Start Lets you start making copies in Warning LED monochrome. LCD Contrast light that shows the DCP status. The LCD shows the current machine status when the You can adjust the LCD contrast for a sharper machine is idle. General information Auto Power Off The Auto Power Off feature will turn off the machine after it has been in Sleep Mode for the number of hours you set. When this feature is Off, the machine will remain in Sleep Mode and not turn itself off.

The default setting is 1hour. Load only one size of paper and one type of paper in the paper tray at any time. For more information about paper size, weight and thickness, see Choosing the right print media on page 19. Pull the paper tray completely out of the machine. Loading paper Gently put the paper into the paper tray NOTE print side down and top edge in first. When you are using Legal size paper, Check that the paper is flat in the tray.

While holding the paper tray in place, to fit the paper. Make sure the paper width guides lightly locks into place, and then unfold the touch the sides of the paper. Loading paper Loading envelopes Loading envelopes Before loading, press the corners and sides of envelopes to make them as flat About envelopes as possible. Use envelopes that weigh between 80 to 95 gsm. Chapter 2 Put envelopes in the paper tray with the If you have problems printing on address side down. If the envelope flaps envelopes with the flap on the short edge, are on the long edge, load the try the following: envelopes in the tray with the flap on the Open the envelope flap.

Loading paper Unprintable area The printable area depends on the settings in the application you are using. The figures show the unprintable areas on cut-sheet paper and envelopes. The machine can print in the shaded areas of cut-sheet paper when the Borderless print feature is available and turned on. See Software and Network User’s Guide.

Press a or b to choose 2. Press a or b to choose Plain Paper, Inkjet Paper, Brother BP71 or Press a or b to choose A4, A5, Other Glossy. 10x15cm, Letter or Legal Press OK. To get the best print quality, we suggest using the Brother paper in the table. The print quality can be affected by the type If Brother paper is not available in your of paper you use in the machine. To get the best print quality for the settings papers before purchasing large quantities. Damaged, curled, wrinkled, or irregularly shaped paper 1 2 mm or greater curl may cause jams to occur.

25 mm Index Card Up to 120 gsm Up to 0. 15 mm Envelopes 80 to 95 gsm Up to 0. 52 mm Up to 100 sheets of 80 gsm paper. The ADF can hold up to 20 pages and feeds each sheet individually. Loading documents After using the ADF, close the ADF Using the document guidelines on the Document Support. Push down on the left and top, place the document upper-left portion of the ADF Document face down in the upper left corner of the Support to close it completely.