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It would heat one side of an object enough to change its orbit and make it hit the atmosphere sooner. Broom of the system pdf are designed to target d

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It would heat one side of an object enough to change its orbit and make it hit the atmosphere sooner. Broom of the system pdf are designed to target debris between one and ten centimeters in diameter.

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Collisions with such debris are commonly of such high velocity that considerable damage and numerous secondary fragments are the result. The laser would operate in pulsed mode to avoid self-shielding of the target by the ablated plasma. The power levels of lasers in this concept are well below the power levels in concepts for more rapidly effective anti-satellite weapons. 2011 indicated that firing a laser beam at a piece of space junk could alter velocity by 0. While not causing the junk to reenter, this could maneuver it to avoid a collision. Other funded research into this area refutes NASA’s claim and demonstrates the precise physics involved, which shows that space debris is re-entered regardless of the direction of laser illumination. 500 million in the 1990s.

Where can I get information about orbiting space junk? 20, Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, December 2000. The theory is that the photons in laser beams carry a tiny amount of momentum in them which, under the right circumstances, could nudge an object in space and slow it down by 0. By firing a laser at a piece of junk for a few hours it should be possible to alter its course by 650ft per day. While that won’t be enough to knock it out of orbit, it could be sufficient to avoid a collision with a space station or satellite. The theory marks a change in approach from previous research which looked into using expensive military Star Wars-style lasers to destroy space junk. Removing Orbital Debris with Lasers”.

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