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Aisha had an important role in early Islamic history, both bride did i really do that pdf Muhammad's life and after his death. Aisha is thought to be

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Aisha had an important role in early Islamic history, both bride did i really do that pdf Muhammad’s life and after his death. Aisha is thought to be scholarly and inquisitive. She contributed to the spread of Muhammad’s message and served the Muslim community for 44 years after his death.

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She participated in the battle by giving speeches and leading troops on the back of her camel. She ended up losing the battle, but her involvement and determination left a lasting impression. This timeline has been challenged by a number of scholars in modern times. Aisha was born in late 613 or early 614. Aisha was the third and youngest wife of Muhammad. No sources offer much more information about Aisha’s childhood years.

Abu Bakr was uncertain at first “as to the propriety or even legality of marrying his daughter to his ‘brother’. Aisha’s age at the time she was married to Muhammad has been of interest since the earliest days of Islam, and references to her age by early historians are frequent. Muhammad that she may have been ten years old at the consummation. Child marriage was not uncommon in many places at the time, Arabia included.

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It often served political purposes, and Aisha’s marriage to Muhammad would have had a political connotation. Muslim authors who calculate Aisha’s age based on the more detailed information available about her sister Asma estimate that she was over thirteen and perhaps between seventeen and nineteen at the time of her marriage. Aisha’s age and concluded that she was engaged in her late teens. Aisha was over ten years old at the time of marriage and over fifteen at the time of its consummation. Islamic literature on Aisha’s virginity, age at marriage and age when the marriage was consummated and speculates that Aisha’s youth might have been exaggerated to exclude any doubt about her virginity. She notes one exception in Ibn Hisham’s biography of the Prophet, which suggests that consummation may have occurred when Aisha was age 10, summarizing her review with the note that “these specific references to the bride’s age reinforce Aisha’s pre-menarcheal status and, implicitly, her virginity. They also suggest the variability of Aisha’s age in the historical record.

Aisha’s youth as demonstrating her virginity and therefore her suitability as a bride of Muhammad. These supporters considered that as Muhammad’s only virgin wife, Aisha was divinely intended for him, and therefore the most credible regarding the debate. There are several hadiths, or stories or sayings of Muhammad, that support this belief. One relates that when a companion asked Muhammad, “who is the person you love most in the world? They bathed in the same water and he prayed while she lay stretched out in front of him. There are also various traditions that reveal the mutual affection between Muhammad and Aisha. He would often just sit and watch her and her friends play with dolls, and on occasion he would even join them.