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A materials selection study for composite materials in the concurrent engineering environment is presented in this chapter. Materials selection process is an important activity in product design and nowadays, materials selection has been performed with help of various tools and techniques. Materials selection for composites is a tedious task because, unlike homogeneous materials like polymer, ceramics, and metal, it involves consideration of different matrix and reinforcement systems. Under the umbrella of concurrent engineering, many materials selection systems have been developed using computer software packages like expert system, analytical hierarchy process, neural network, and fuzzy logics. The need to upgrade research findings related to materials selection for composites to another level becomes a priority.

In this chapter, a review of different materials selection system for composites under concurrent engineering environment is presented. This article has not been cited. The world today is continuously striving towards carbon neutral clean energy technology. Hence, renewable energy sources like wind power system is increasingly receiving the attention of mankind. Rather some important design parameters like structural rigidity, cost effectiveness, life cycle impact, and, above all, reduced mass come into the scenario from new installation point of view. Accordingly, these issues are followed up in this article from wind turbine design perspective. The study, at the outset, aims to establish blade and tower material selection indices on the basis of inherent structural constraints and potential design objectives.

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