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Participants of the Greater East Asia Conference. Ever since an end to suffering pankaj mishra pdf download Russian-Japanese war of 1904-05, nationali

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Participants of the Greater East Asia Conference. Ever since an end to suffering pankaj mishra pdf download Russian-Japanese war of 1904-05, nationalists in the Asian nations ruled by the “white powers” such as India, Vietnam, etc.

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China had always looked to Japan as a role model, an Asian nation that had modernized and defeated the European nation Russia. Asian immigrant laws by the U. White Canada” policy together with reports about how Asians suffered from prejudice in the United States, Canada and in places ruled by Europeans like Singapore. Most Japanese at the time seemed to have sincerely believed that Japan was a uniquely virtuous nation ruled over by an Emperor who was a living god, and thus the font of all goodness in the world. Precisely because the Emperor was worshiped as a living god who was morally “pure” and “just” in a way that no mortal could ever be, the self-perception in Japan was that the Japanese state could never do anything wrong as under the leadership of the divine Emperor, everything the Japanese state did was “just”.

For this reason, any war waged by Japan was automatically viewed by the Japanese people as “just” and “moral” as the divine Emperor could never wage an “unjust” war. Within this context, many Japanese believed it was the “mission” of Japan to end white supremacy in Asia, and free the other Asians suffering under the rule of the “white powers”. Japanese troops and sailors in December 1941 read: “These white people may expect, from the moment they issue from their mothers’ wombs, to be allotted a score or so so of natives as their personal slaves. Is this really God’s will”. Japanese propaganda stressed the theme of the mistreatment of Asians by whites to motivate their troops and sailors. Starting in 1931, Japan had always sought to justify its imperialism under the grounds of Pan-Asianism. The war with China, which began in 1937, was portrayed as an effort to unite the Chinese and Japanese peoples together in Pan-Asian friendship, to bring the “imperial way” to China, which justified “compassionate killing” as the Japanese sought to kill the “few trouble-makers” in China who were alleged to be causing all the problems in Sino-Japanese relations.

As such, Japanese propaganda had proclaimed that the Imperial Army, guided by the “emperor’s benevolence” had come to China to engage in “compassionate killing” for the good of the Chinese people. In 1941, when Japan went to war with the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the Netherlands, the Japanese portrayed themselves as engaging in a war of liberation on behalf of all the peoples of Asia. In particular, there was a marked racism to Japanese propaganda with the Japanese government issuing cartoons depicting the Americans and British as “white devils” or “white demons”, complete with claws, fangs, horns and tails. Asians led of course by Japan, the most powerful Asian country against the utterly evil “Anglo-Saxons” led by the U. British Empire, who were portrayed as sub-human “white devils”. At times, Japanese leaders spoke like they believed their own propaganda about whites being in a process of racial degeneration and were actually turning into the drooling, snarling demonical creatures depicted in their cartoons. 1940 press conference that “the mission of the Yamato race is to prevent the human race from becoming devilish, to rescue it from destruction and lead it to the light of the world”.

At least some people within the Asian colonies of the European powers had welcomed the Japanese as liberators from the Europeans. 1942 had created the formula of the “Three A’s”-Japan the Light of Asia, Japan the Protector of Asia and Japan the Leader of Asia. Japanese saw themselves as the racially superior “Great Yamato race”, which was naturally destined to dominate forever the other racially inferior Asian peoples. China, these promises had not been fulfilled. Several components of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere were not represented.

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