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Learn Project Management Concepts using simple and precise free downloadable tutorials. Prepare for PMI certification and become an activity based cos

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Learn Project Management Concepts using simple and precise free downloadable tutorials. Prepare for PMI certification and become an activity based costing advantages and disadvantages pdf Project Manager.

Project, Management, Concepts, Conflict, Crisis, Motivation, RACI Chart. Just-in-time manufacturing was a concept introduced to the United States by the Ford motor company. It works on a demand-pull basis, contrary to hitherto used techniques, which worked on a production-push basis. Just-in-time production requires intricate planning in terms of procurement policies and the manufacturing process if its implementation is to be a success. Highly advanced technological support systems provide the necessary back-up that Just-in-time manufacturing demands with production scheduling software and electronic data interchange being the most sought after.

Just-in-time manufacturing keeps stock holding costs to a bare minimum. The release of storage space results in better utilization of space and thereby bears a favorable impact on the rent paid and on any insurance premiums that would otherwise need to be made. As under this technique, only essential stocks are obtained, less working capital is required to finance procurement. Here, a minimum re-order level is set, and only once that mark is reached, fresh stocks are ordered making this a boon to inventory management too.

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As just-in-time production works on a demand-pull basis, all goods made would be sold, and thus it incorporates changes in demand with surprising ease. This makes it especially appealing today, where the market demand is volatile and somewhat unpredictable. Just-in-time manufacturing encourages the ‘right first time’ concept, so that inspection costs and cost of rework is minimized. High quality products and greater efficiency can be derived from following a just-in-time production system.

Close relationships are fostered along the production chain under a just-in-time manufacturing system. Constant communication with the customer results in high customer satisfaction. Overproduction is eliminated when just-in-time manufacturing is adopted. Just-in-time manufacturing provides zero tolerance for mistakes, as it makes re-working very difficult in practice, as inventory is kept to a bare minimum. There is a high reliance on suppliers, whose performance is generally outside the purview of the manufacturer.

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