A review of marking techniques for amphibians and reptiles pdf

Reptiles and amphibians have been neglected in research on cognition, emotions, sociality, need for enriched and stimulating environments, and other t

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Reptiles and amphibians have been neglected in research on cognition, emotions, sociality, need for enriched and stimulating environments, and other topics that have been greatly emphasized in work on mammals and birds. This is also evident in the historic lack of enriching captive environments to reduce boredom and encourage a review of marking techniques for amphibians and reptiles pdf behavior and psychological well-being. This paper provides those responsible for the care of reptiles and amphibians a brief overview of concepts, methods, and sample findings on behavioral complexity and the role of controlled deprivation in captive herpetological collections. Most work has been done on reptiles, however, and so they are emphasized.

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Amphibians and reptiles, though not admitting of easy anthropomorphism, do show many traits common in birds and mammals including sophisticated communication, problem solving, parental care, play, and complex sociality. Zoos and aquariums are important resources to study many aspects of these often exotic, rare, and fascinating animals, and rich research opportunities await those willing to study them and apply the wide range of methods and technology now available. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Aiken, SC, USA, received thermal effluents from the cooling system of a nuclear production reactor from 1954 to 1988.

Restoration of the area began with planting of bottomland hardwood species in 1993. Occurrence of amphibians and reptiles was monitored by daily sampling from 1 January 1995 through 30 September 1996 to characterize the course of the restoration. Vegetation was sampled in the summer of 1996 to characterize the habitats in the unimpacted riparian zone and the impacted stream corridor. 580 individuals representing 72 species of herpetofauna were captured. There were no significant differences in relative abundance or diversity of herpetofauna in unplanted versus planted zones within the impacted corridor 3 years after planting.

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