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This article is about the album by the xx. Most of them were sung as low-key duets by Croft and Sim, both of whom wrote emotional lyrics about love, intimacy, loss, and desire. XL, and received widespread acclaim from critics, many of whom named it one of the year’s best records. United Kingdom and the United States. When Qureshi was dismissed from the group shortly after the album’s release, the xx continued to play as a trio on a protracted concert tour that helped increase their fanbase, reputation in the press, and confidence as performers. Qureshi doubled as a keyboardist and additional guitarist.

Smith and Qureshi in their bedrooms so they would not disturb the rest of the household. Caius Pawson, who gave him three CDs of demos titled “Early Demos”, “Recorded in Rehearsal Space”, and “What Producers Did Wrong”. There was a lot of empty space in the xx’s music, even then, in the ‘Early Demos’. But we just found that the best stuff was the most sparse. It was once the head office building’s rear garage before Russell transformed it at the beginning of 2008 into a makeshift writing, rehearsal, and demo space for XL’s artists. Croft, on the other hand, called it a “pretty confined space” the size of a bathroom. They would usually record at night after XL’s staff had left, which Croft said made it feel “isolated and quite creepy”.

Some of Qureshi and Croft’s guitars were also done in the hallway. Croft and Sim recorded their vocals together, rarely singing backup to one another on any of the songs. The microphones were among the more expensive items he borrowed for the studio’s preliminary setup so XL would not be overwhelmed with a costly budget. After those parts had been recorded, he refined and incorporated his beats into the songs for three to four weeks. I wanted it to sound like people in a room, rather than this polished kind of perfect crystalline thing”, he explained.

It was all the small details that we really liked. Sim sang his vocals for “Infinity” on the side of the studio opposite from Croft after his microphone had been unintentionally moved there, which resulted in a distant-sounding vocal exchange on the song. It was just like this missing piece of percussion that the track needed! File:The xx – Heart Skipped a Beat sample. Croft said the band’s style of instrumentation had become defined by the limited equipment they originally used: “My guitar sound pretty much came from discovering there was reverb on my little practice amp and really loving the mood it created.

Croft and Sim exchanged verses on “Crystalised” while backed by the sound of drum stick clicks and basslines before the beat was heard. On the austerely arranged “Night Time”, Croft sang its first two minutes over only guitar and bass before its beat developed. Croft said she had never heard before the album was released. Both Croft and Sim said their combination of seemingly disparate influences could have been attributed to the variety in each band member’s music collection. Croft and Sim touched on themes of love, desire, and loss in their songwriting, which Croft said has “always been based around emotions, right from the start.

My favourite songs are usually quite sad and I think heartbreak is something that so many people can connect with. Like Croft, Sim said he wrote much of his lyrics at night when his emotions ran “a bit higher”. Emily Mackay, all of the songs dealt with the consuming emotions associated with first love, including the tacit intimacy on “VCR”, the yearning expressed on “Heart Skipped a Beat”, and the premature affection warned of on “Crystalised”. Shelter”, each of which saw “a radical shift in perspective on a similar—perhaps a single—love story. Because of their age, many critics interpreted the songs as nocturnal depictions of adolescent lust. Fantasy” and “Shelter” expressed a jaded yearning, particularly in a lyric from the latter song: “Can I make it better with the lights turned on”. Croft vehemently denied this: “We were writing these songs when we were 17.

I can honestly say I’ve never thought this is about my sex life. Having combined their individually written lyrics, they could not definitely explain what their songs were about, although Croft said Sim’s lyrics resonated with her nonetheless and enjoyed the personal interpretation it offered. You can put them into your own life”, she explained, “like, ‘Oh, this is my song. The romantic situations Sim wrote of had been inspired by other people. I hadn’t really had any relationships to be working off, but I had a huge interest in life, and looking at other people’s relationships around me”, he said.

Crystalised” was released as the xx’s debut single on 27 April 2009 and helped build interest among listeners and journalists. Basic Space” on 3 August, “Islands” on 26 October, and “VCR” on 25 January 2010. XL to television programs in the UK and North America. Although the band realised their music had to be marketed somehow, Croft expressed reservations about “putting our music on everything, just to put it to anything just for the sake of money”.