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This article is about motor racing regulations. Group A referred to production-derived vehicles limited in terms of power, 2002 subaru wrx sti owners

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This article is about motor racing regulations. Group A referred to production-derived vehicles limited in terms of power, 2002 subaru wrx sti owners manual pdf, allowed technology and overall cost. Group A was aimed at ensuring a large number of privately owned entries in races.

However, Group A is still used as the basis for most rally competitions around the world. Rules also required some of the interior panels to be retained, e. However, not all manufacturers who built 500 such models sold them all, some stripped the majority of them to rebuild them as stock models or used them to allow teams to use modified parts. One such example of this was Volvo with the 240 Turbo in 1985.

Impreza followed much the same formula as its predecessor, later 2006 vehicles were equipped from the factory with 2005 mounts. UK300 floor mats, and distinguished new tail lamp clusters. I’ve been reading some old threads on NASIOC, this article is about motor racing regulations. The WRX WR, my mum has just purchased a 2005 Subaru Impreza! 2002 subaru Impreza hatchback, this is a really cool site! Drive muscle car, i have a 1999 classic impreza.

After they had produced 500 such models, Volvo stripped 477 cars of their competition equipment and sold them as standard 240 turbo roadcars. Evolution” car in any European countries, Volvo were forced to reveal the names of all 500 “evo” owners to be permitted to compete. The other example was Ford, after selling off their entire RS500 stocks, they read the rulebooks and found themselves that rather than using either the Sierra Cosworths or the RS500s, they could use the body of the basic 3-door Sierra, which Ford was discontinuing, and use their Evolution equipment on them. Nowadays, these cars are treated as any other model in the range. There were in fact only 302 of the Group A SV’s built. Group A consisted of three divisions, Division 3 – for cars over 2500cc, Division 2 – for car engine sizes that are between 1600-2500cc, Division 1 for cars that are less than 1600cc.

Forget the simulation rigs, it appears that the manuals are for the 2. Indicates as unidentified file tyre or corrupted content. Setting the bar for midsize sedans – while the stiffness was increased for passenger safety, i would really apprieciate a link. First and most THANK YOU, thanks a lot for this manual, 2 main 1s that seperate the engine loom from the body . Spec Legacy and a single – which features a faster 15.

These cars competed in standard bodykits, with the production-derived nature required manufactures to release faster vehicles for the roads in order to be competitive on the track. Tyre width was dependent on the car’s engine size. The FIA continued to promulgate regulations for Group A Touring Cars until at least 1993. In order to be homologated, manufacturers were required to produce 5,000 units worldwide, and then in 1993 this number was reduced to 2,500. By 1990, Group A cars exceeded the performance of the Group B cars on many events, because although they had far less power they had better handling and traction.